5 Steps to Self-Publishing FOR LOVE OR MONEY: The How to Guide For Crafting a Career as a Self-Published Author


Do You Write For LOVE or MONEY? 
Have you felt the urge to chase a hot trend and write in the latest genre that’s flying off the virtual shelves? 

Do you wonder how these authors target the market so well? 

Or do you just want to write what’s in your heart… but still find a way for it to sell? 
FOR LOVE OR MONEY looks at this vexing choice and how self-published authors are finding a way, every day, to turn love into money and target the market with books readers love. 

Veteran indie author Susan Kaye Quinn challenges your assumptions and shares her experience writing in a lucrative genre. 

In FOR LOVE OR MONEY, you will find: 
* How to craft your dream writer life 
* How to park your biases at the curb so you can really understand the market 
* How make your For Love books more commercial 
* How to love the books you write For Money 

FOR LOVE OR MONEY will help you craft a career, so you can pay the bills with work you love. 

Learn how to make a living with your writing today! 

10 Step Self-Publishing BOOT CAMP and 5 Steps to Self-Publishing FOR LOVE OR MONEY are the first two books in S.K.Quinn’s Career Author series, meant to help you get started and grow your career as an indie author. 

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Susan Kaye Quinn is a veteran indie author who’s published over 30 novels across two pennames. She makes a living with her fiction, and she wants you to live out your dreams as well.