76 Cash Making, Deal Saving Closes: A Guide to Selling Cars, Extended Warranties and Service Contracts


This book is written for people working in car sales, but not only for them. Anyone in sales can benefit from learning the sales techniques that author Joe Sabatini explains for how to sell cars, warranties and protection packages. The author shares his knowledge, insight and personal experiences as a successful car salesman and successful finance and insurance manager so you can learn from him and take your sales career to the next level. In the eight chapters of this book you will learn how to motivate yourself to fully engage with every customer and create your own opportunities for success. When you really listen and hear what your customers have to say, you will create a bond with them that will build the rapport and trust with them that is critical to close your sale. Where the book really delivers is with the chapters on the 76 Closes. In the introduction, the author advises that if you don’t have time to read this book in its entirety, you can skip to this chapter on sales closing techniques, and still reap terrific benefits. In this automotive sales training guide, you will learn about how to handle specific types of customers and various closing situations. What do you do when your customer decides to be difficult and shuts you down? Read Joe’s Shut Down Close to glean the bit of information that will make the close easier. What about the customers that show up with Consumer Reports in their hands? Not one, but two closes are dedicated to this customer. Sprinkled throughout this invaluable chapter are Catch All Closes that can be used in a variety of situations when you are having trouble determining which strategy to employ. Becoming a highly effective sales person takes passion and a burning desire to make a connection with your customers as well as knowledge of how to close deals. With your passion and the excellent information in this book on how to build a connection with customers and close car sales, you will be ready to take the lead in any sales situation and rise to the top of your sales floor in any market.