8 Figure Exit Strategy for HVAC and Plumbing Contractors: How To Grow Your Contracting Business Into An 8 Figure Empire In As Little As 24 Months


Welcome to what we sincerely desire to be a life altering course change in the direction you are heading with your contracting business. This book will reveal to the driven HVAC or Plumbing Contractor, truths and secrets previously only available to mega sized corporations. The truths to be revealed will show you how to organically and exponentially grow your contracting business simply by signing on the dotted line. The formula we reveal to you will show you the path to sell your business to get you your long deserved freedom. Time freedom, money freedom, freedom to live life on your terms and most importantly freedom earned early enough in your life to have many, many years to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The process to grow your contracting business to the 8 figure level is broken up into five parts: Part 1: Marketing Makeover – Implementation of your foundational and advanced marketing systems initiates positive growth that will become the leverage point you’ll need to explode the growth in your business. Get good at it and you’ll reap tremendous rewards, ignore it and you will be doomed to mediocrity. Part 2: Running On Autopilot – More than a simple operations manual, the systems in your business must be able to provide initial and ongoing training for your staff. They must be easily accessed and used in convenient as well as new and exciting ways. Development and documentation of these systems is not an academic exercise and must be proactively created with the input of your staff at the location where the system actions are being performed. The six major functions in your business that must, at a minimum, be fully documented are your Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, Money and Production Systems. Part 3: Growth On Steroids – Designed to grow your company in multiples of up to five times it’s current level. Growth at this level is accomplished by combining organic growth with acquisition growth. By giving you the tools to acquire other companies, this will allow your business to have growth in multiples much higher than organic growth alone could ever achieve in such a short time period. Acquiring other businesses can be the most viable alternative to grow your business rapidly and could ultimately be cheaper than organic business growth. Part 4: Get Out While The Getting’s Good – Now that the business is growing quickly, it’s time to plan an exit strategy and prepare the business for your exit. It is now time for the plan of attack on your secession from the business. Audit of financials, stock sale versus asset sale and many other areas need to be addresses at this time. It is here that we entertain offers and accept letters of intent to buy your company. Then we close on your sale and you become free of the business to begin the process of enjoying your newfound liberated lifestyle. Part 5: Freedom Day – This is when you have achieved you day of true financial liberation and you are able to live the lifestyle you have always deserved.