Balance: A Practical Handbook and Workbook for Finding Balance during Life’s Difficult Moments


Start your personal development with the support of this interactive handbook. BALANCE – A Practical Handbook and Workbook for Life’s Difficult Moments. 

Let it take you by the hand to motivate, inspire and get you on track to the life you wish for.
Read this book to learn new behaviors, create new opportunities, acquire life skills and become the best version of yourself.
Take the time to invest in yourself before you find yourself off balance.
A book for you if:
  • You are curious about personal growth and development
  • You are motivated to improve the quality of your life at home and at work
  • You are interested in pushing the ‘re-start’ button
  • You want to learn life skills – increase your emotional intelligence
  • You want to raise your self-esteem
  • You are looking to create a more balanced life
  • You want to handle everyday problems more effectively
  • and improve not only your life but the life of those around you
The revised 2nd Editions combines the Workbook and handbook. You not only are walked through the path of personal development, you are also given the opportunity to journal with the Workbook section. With this you assess where you stand now, where you want to go and what to look out for so the the past does not hold you back. You give yourself a ‘reality-check’.
Dive in and get your life on a better track.