Be Your Own Boss: Start your own company with $200: Love What You Do (Business Start-ups Book 1)


Have you ever wondered about what it takes to start your own venture? Perhaps you have been told that being an entrepreneur is challenging and that less than half of all entrepreneurial ventures make it to success. You may also believe that you need a significant amount of money to get started if you wish to attain success. These phrases are often uttered, yet they are not true, and this book will explain why.

It is entirely possible to create your own venture for $200 and finally become your own boss. In addition, you can use this $200 to do something that you really love, so that every time you are faced with work, you enjoy it more and more.

Amazingly, $200 can help you kick start an excellent venture that can grow and become something viable and sustainable with a long term future. As an entrepreneur, you do not need to worry about spending excessively or borrowing money to start your venture. All that is needed is a proper plan, considerable passion, and a mind that will not be swayed when things become difficult.

You can start any business that you love though the best would be in buying and selling or in the service industry. In this book, you will find examples for all of these, so that you can see how tapping into your existing talents, can result in money going into your pocket.

With the right moves, you can break even within ninety days, and attain profitability soon after that. This book has all the right moves that you should consider. Read on to find out what they are.