Communication Skills: Communication Skills Made EASY! Talk to Anyone with Confidence, Influence People, Master your Coversations!: Communication Skills for Beginners (How to Influence People Book 1)

Communication Skills made EASY – Talk to Anyone with Confidence, Influence People, Master your Coversations!


Is it hard for you to connect to people? Are you overwhelmed by the daily conversations at work and in business meetings? Do you think your ideas are great but you can not get them across?

The Solution For You: Communication Skills For Beginners – Talk to Anyone with Confidence, Influence People, Master your Coversations!

Did you know that 85% of your success in life, career wise, or relationship wise is directly related to your communications skills? Think of it in this manner; no matter how educated, ambitious, or committed you are to achieving your dreams and goals, there is a very high chance, (an 85% chance) that you may fail if you do not develop effective communication skills.

If you observe most of us as we go about our daily lives and communications, you will notice and identify the simple fact that a big percentage of us could benefit from a lesson or two in effective communication. Communication is central to the quality of life you lead. To quote Tony Robbins “The quality of your life is the quality of your communication.” I do not love being the bearer of bad news. However, I have to point out this one possibility: It is highly possible that part of the reason your relationship or career is in a state of disarray is because of your wanting communication skills.

Improve your communication, improve your LIFE!

This book is a practical approach to improve your communication skills at work and to master your relationship as well. This guide will teach you proven communication strategies that are easy to apply. You won’t get lost in theory, but be able to APPLY the techniques of communication to your everyday life step by step!

A Sneak Preview Of Communication Skills For Beginners:

✔ The Importance of Developing Effective Communication Skills

✔ Communication Soft Skills you Need to Communicate Effectively

✔ Using the Johari Window to Rocket-fuel your Interpersonal Communication Skills

✔ About the Johari Window Model

✔ Johari Window Main Goal

✔ How to Use the Johari Window

✔ Employing the Johari Window Model in a Team Context

✔ How to Improve your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

✔ Bonus Chapter: 3 Must Have Tips for Influencing People

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