Death Was My Diagnosis: How I lost 100lbs (self help guide)

If you’ve tried everything to lose the weight but nothing is working for you, read this book! I found a simple system that gets results and it saved my life! It’s about taking little bits of different things and combining all of them into one easy system that works! If you’re tired of spending hours walking on a treadmill, and not seeing any results, than this book is for you! Losing weight is a Science and You are going to be the Scientist! You’ll learn about some of my recipes, workout tips, systems, motivational tips and tricks that can help you climb your own mountain and get your life back! Nothing is going to happen if you don’t make a change and nothing is going to change if you keep doing the same things over and over again. It’s a vicious cycle and you need to break those chains that have held you down for so long, just like I did!

I was 100lbs over weight, diagnosed with severe liver disease, and on my deathbed. I needed a liver transplant, but I knew that I probably wouldn’t live long enough to make the list. As I sat in the hospital reeling from my diagnosis, I was very angry at myself, for letting my body get to that state. I felt so hopeless and alone! In the past, I tried everything that I could to lose the weight but nothing worked for me. It was in that moment, when my will to survive kicked in and I decided that if I was going to die, then I was going to go out swinging!

Death Was My Diagnosis, but I beat those odds!

I found a system that worked for me and I want to help other people who may be struggling with health issues related to obesity, to beat those odds and get a new chapter on life, just like I did. If you read this book and only find one small thing that helps motivate and inspire you to lose the weight and save your life, than it was all worth it. This is my story and this is how I saved life.