Entrepreneurship Simplified (2017): How to Become a Better Entrepreneur Bundle

How to Become a Better Entrepreneur Today

Learn the Right Mindset & Tips for a Successful Young Entrepreneurship Career.

What you’ll get:

Inside this book you’ll get 33 questions and answers that could potentially save you lots of time and money.
– Business Ideas to Follow This Year
– Should You Get Venture Capital?
– What to Do if You Don’t Have Any Capital?… The Answer is Obvious. Except You Too Lazy to Do It!
– How to Know if an ideas is Good or a Meh
– How to find clients…fast
– and many more!


Chapter 1 – Education Doesn’t Necessarily Mean School

– Why school is not the end all be all of learning
– the best ways to learn fast
– The number 1 trick that will cut your learning curve by at least 10 years

Chapter 2 – Understand That You’re Going to Fail

– Why failing is important
– How to change your mindset regarding failure

Chapter 3 – Understand That a Business is a Problem

– How to find the best opportunities
– How solve problems and make money at the same time

Chapter 4 – Entrepreneurs Are Not Risk Takers

– Why entrepreneurs are not risk takers
– How to asses the risk and have the highest probability of making the right decision
– My 5 most improtant risk assesment guidelines

Chapter 5 – Everybody Needs Somebody

– Why you need to build your A-Team ASAP
– The top positions you need to fill

Chapter 6 – How You Make Your Money Vs. How Much You Make

– The importance of HOW you make your money and how you can use this information to have a more successful life

Chapter 7 – Your Youth is a Gift & a Curse

– How to use the gift of youth and achieve more in life and business

Cut the learning curve, avoid the mistakes most young entrepreneurs make and achieve success faster than your peers.

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