Find the Flipping Deals: The Money-Making Strategies Successful Real Estate Investors Don’t Want You to Know


Over the past decade, locating properties from motivated sellers has become increasingly challenging in the real estate industry. With hundreds of marketing tactics available, Find the Flipping Deals has narrowed down the strategies to finding and flipping properties to bring you phenomenal results. This book is your guide to cashing in big from real estate investing.

Jason Lucchesi has been a full-time real estate investor since 2008 and has spent a small fortune on fine-tuning the best methodologies for finding motivated sellers in today’s market. With more than $225,000,000 in closed real estate transactions, Jason is one of the nation’s leading experts and authorities on finding and flipping properties.

The majority of marketing strategies Jason teaches in this book require very little to zero of your own money out-of-pocket. When Jason started his business, he barely had enough money to purchase a $5 footlong and needed to find properties without using any of his own cash. That was a necessity as he didn’t have much leftover from his weekly unemployment check. If he can become a real estate investor, so can YOU!

One of the biggest mistakes real estate investors make in their business is trying to do too much without seeing the results they desire. The recommendation upon finishing Find The Flipping Deals is to pick one to three strategies you can implement to become your area’s expert investor. Be consistent in your approach and within the next 30-60 days, you will see yourself collecting a profit check from your next real estate closing!