Freelancing in the Gig Economy: The Practical, Fact-Based Guide to Launching Your Career by Understanding the new Rules of the Game

There is a tsunami of books, articles and posts recently on how to reach financial freedom in life, how to fire your boss and how to go after your dreams. Authors like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Chris Guillebeau covered this topic with success. According to Chris Guillebeau “the old choice was to work at a job or take a big risk going out on your own. The new reality is that working at a job may be the far riskier choice”.
This book is indeed the summary of hours of consultation I did to improve the work and life of freelancers. According to PwC, the gig economy workforce is set to contribute over $300B in revenues by 2025. Those are staggering numbers and are a clear indication of the disruption that lies ahead of us. So it is crucial for freelancers to understand the new reality and master the new “rules of the game” before it gets too late.
Many freelancers have little idea about marketing/sales/accounting skills they need to have (or to properly outsource) when they are freelancers. This is one of the challenges but certainly not the only one. Other challenges, just to name a few, are how to efficiently and effectively make use of social media, where is the best and most productive workplace for freelancers given some new possibilities provided by online platforms and how to make the proper work life balance while freelancing.
So if you want to understand the new reality and master the “rules of the game,” if you can relate to one of the above-mentioned challenges, this book is for you.