Freelancing: Your Guide to Starting and Running a Successful Freelance Business

Freelancing is very popular amongst skilled workers with over 40 million freelance workers in the US.

Over 8 million people earn a living through freelancing in EU. Over a third of journalists and creative workers in the US are freelance workers.

Why do so many people love freelancing? More importantly, how do so many of them manage to consistently find freelance work?

Let’s be honest – freelancing is not for everyone. As a freelancer, you not just work, you run a business. You market and sell your service, in addition to delivering it. You may need to find and hire other freelancers, if needed. If you are not comfortable running a business, freelancing is not for you.

Freelancing has its benefits – you can potentially earn more and also have more control over your life. But it also has its downsides. You may not get enough work or may have problem collecting money form clients.

In this book, I will show you why freelancing is a great idea if you can handle the demands of running a business. You will learn how to set up and run a successful freelance business. The book is full of resources and helpful tips for freelancing. I cover freelance writing, photography, graphic designing and software development, among other professions. You will learn how to:

  • Start your freelance business
  • Handle your mistakes
  • Common mistakes made by freelancers
  • Manage pesky clients

The book pays special attention to freelance writing as it is the largest freelancing category.