J. Michael Steinacher has seen it all during his time in federal government contracting. He’s seen arrogant managers claim they know what they’re doing and burn out spectacularly. He has also seen the steps savvy businesses take to be successful in the industry. Now, Steinacher outlines the do’s and don’ts in this comprehensive new guide to contracting.

Steinacher directs his guide toward business students, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in company growth and success. He helps them understand how the federal market works and the myriad opportunities available. The guide then takes readers through the step-by-step process of becoming eligible and qualified as a government contractor. Steinacher makes the competitive and lucrative contracting process simple and understandable. He provides a crash course in federal law, government agencies, and business techniques.

In addition to explaining the nuts and bolts of the contracting industry, Steinacher teaches important business skills to give readers’ companies a leg up on the competition. He shows readers how to prepare presentations, write intricate contract proposals, and create submittals. With his help, readers will be inspired to lead their firms into new projects or start their own businesses.