Habit: How to Stop Bad Habits, Make Good Habits, Change Your Life, and Be Happy

Learn how to change your habits forever!

The biggest achievements of people do not come from their split-second decisions. Success is an accumulation of small good decisions done in succession over a number of years. In other words, the key to having a happy life with everything that you want in it does not lie in the big risks that you are willing to take. You have to focus more on the little decisions that you make in every aspect of your life. From the breakfast you are going to eat, to the clothes that you are going to wear, up to the kind of work that you will deliver — the results will accumulate to affect where you will stand in life a few years from now.

You may say, “But I do not make constant decisions, I do things automatically”. That is where habits come in. Habits are the results of the decisions that you have made in the past, which gave you a rewarding feeling, so you chose to do it again. For example, if you turned off your alarm before getting out of bed, you rewarded yourself with the silence and the opportunity to stay in bed longer. Because those rewards feel good, you are likely to do it again when you hear the alarm tomorrow. Your brain will unconsciously take note of this behavior and will store it in an area of your brain responsible for habit formation. So after a few days, you do not consciously decide to turn off the alarm anymore — your hand will automatically grope for it and turn it off.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn!

  • How habits form
  • How habits stick
  • The psychology of habits
  • How powerful habits really are
  • What habits successful people have had
  • How to change your habits
  • How to break down habits and write a positive counterpart for each
  • How to stick with good habits
  • And much, much more!

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