Hack Upwork: How to Make Real Money as a Freelancer: Work From Home and Create a Thriving Freelance Business 100% Online (Hacks to Create a New Future Series Book 2)

Become a Highly-Paid Freelancer Working Online

Upwork, formerly known as oDesk, is one of the best resources around for landing paid freelancing gigs – but most freelancers who use Upwork fail. They compete for bottom-feeding jobs, and don’t earn very much money.

Much of the advice you read out there on web forums and blogs about how to make money on Upwork is simply off the mark. Conventional wisdom leads to conventional results. In this book, I break down how the Upwork system works and how you can stand out and earn real money.

I lay out the exact principles I used to land high-quality clients from Upwork while living in Asia – who pay me thousands of dollars monthly in retainers. The best part is, the things I’ve done, anyone can do! All it takes is following the strategies outlined in this short but sweet guide.

In this book you will learn:

• The #1 reason why most freelancers who use Upwork fail
• How to earn real money freelancing – without spending years building up your portfolio
• An easy way to “hack” your freelancing profile very quickly – without sending out thousands of job applications
• Using brand studies to increase your perceived value in the freelance marketplace
• How to set a high rate – and get it
• Preponderance of proof: what it is and why you need it
• Powerful strategies to build your online presence and brand – because everything is hyperconnected
• The most powerful way to secure credibility as a top freelancer
• How to get featured in press and media
• How to find and assess the best freelance jobs and clients, and take your freelance business to an entirely new level
• Additional consulting and freelance platforms to engage in outside of Upwork – to create multiple streams of revenue
How to create killer, winning proposals
• How to gain a competitive edge using online video resumes

• Managing objections, and closing the sale – the biggest hurdle for freelancers

• How to follow-up and ensure that every client becomes an enthusiastic customer and advocate for your services

A Freelance Business That Works for You

If you want a magic solution that will make money fall into your lap, then “Hack Upwork: Work From Home and Create a Thriving Freelance Business 100% Online” isn’t for you. But, if you want to discover a smarter way to work from home, and build a freelance business that will give you more free time and the income to live the life you want, you need to download this guide today.

Danny shows you exactly how anyone can build an online business working part time from home. He walks the walk, too. Not only is he a best selling author with multiple business books, he also successfully built his own freelancing business while traveling the world.

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