Happiness Your 7 Mind Powers: How to realize your inner power, believe it, accept it, take ownership and use it to achieve happiness.

If you are looking for a book that can help you to make a change for 2015, this is the book! HAPPINESS, YOUR 7 MIND POWERS is the guide you have been searching for to turn it all toward success, joy, and personal freedom.

This is the first book of the series Happiness, written by Paola Lujan.

The book is the result of her tireless search for how to mitigate human suffering. She explains how and why this suffering is unnecessary. In this book, she teaches step by step how to attain happiness amid life’s many challenges.

In this book we learn:

What is happiness? Why chasing happiness is ineffective.

What all humans are seeking, and how it can be obtained.

Why we think “somebody else” will make us happy.

Analysis and understanding of our society in the last 4 generations and how that influences our mindset.

Why others do not see the world as you see it.

The wonder of uniqueness and purpose for every single person.

Treasures within the mind. How to explore and discover them.

The power of clarity.

The power of choice and owning it.

The power of thoughts. Correct thinking creates a better personal world.

How our “energy broadcast” attracts the same to us.

A powerful strategy that works like a “magical wand” to stop emotional pain.

The power of our words, and how they manifest our realities.

Subconscious ‘reprogramming’ techniques.

The power of focus. Focus secrets that remove unwanted behavior. Strategies that heal and release burden and pain.

The power of gratitude. The uplift and exhilaration of gratitude. Instantaneous joy. A simple exercise that is healing and attracts peace.

The power of action. How to reclaim your power and be happy. Enjoy the “new you”; a healed person that takes control over his/her own life. Choose to be happy.

Enjoy your healing journey, the best is yet to come!