How Not to Give Up: A Motivational & Inspirational Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving your Dreams (Inspirational Books Series) (Volume 1)


Powerful. Moving. Inspiring.
Learn How to Never Give Up Again in your Life…

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“If you are looking for an example of a book that has gone viral, this is it. Certainly ‘populist,’ this book struck a cord with readers and those looking to put their goals into practice. One of the best aspects of this book is it helps you see paths to fulfilling your dreams, instead of just stirring you to change. Good read for those who want to leave the beach in better spirits than when you found it.” — Todd Wilms

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With an artful interweaving of storytelling, this book will inspire, motivate, and reinvigorate you to push towards what you truly desire in life, whatever that may be.

We all have goals in life. We all want certain things.

Some of us want to lose weight, while others want to make more money, quit smoking, or stop drinking.

But what defines and shapes the difference between the person that can go out there and achieve their goals and the ones who throw in the towel and give up at the slightest sign of resistance?

That’s just what we’ll uncover in this book.

The Right Way to Set your Goals

Learn how to set your goals the right way. If you’re tired of setting goals and giving up on them, then you need to read this book. It contains the simple secrets that will help you to learn how to design the life that you want to lead and actually push towards it.

Don’t give up ever again in your life…

Here are some of what you’ll uncover in this book:

  • The meaning of goals and what we attribute to them that can shape and define how actively we pursue them.
  • How to find a strong enough reason why you want to achieve your goals and how this can have a profound impact on not giving up.
  • How to identify limiting behaviors and how to eradicate them from your life. .
  • Goal setting workshop to setting your goals using the principles of this guide.
  • How to identify and eliminate the 10 different stressors in our lives.
  • The five steps to taking massive action and what you can do right now to start in the pursuit of any of your hopes and dreams.
  • The four magical ingredients to achieving your goals.
  • How to mirror success to find and copy those who have succeeded that have come before you..
  • and more….

After you buy this book and read it you’ll realize the power and potential for your success through the simple act of goal setting..

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