I Love Myself When: A Self-Esteem Companion Book For Women Who Forget

This is an invitation for you to live your dreams, move past your limitations, to expand, express, create, heal and to become everything that you were meant to be!

Our thoughts lead to feelings. Our feelings lead to actions. Our actions lead to results.

A lack of money, a lack of love, a lack of health, a lack of positive relationships, or a lack of anything else you desire is simply a symptom of what’s going on underneath the surface.

Every day we have choices to make and those choices either bring us more happiness, health, joy, love, fulfillment and success… or they bring us less.

Whether you’ve had people in your life that didn’t love you unconditionally and you struggle with self-worth or you simply forget to put yourself first because you are so busy taking care of everyone else in your life…this book is for you! It will remind you to choose YOU and by making healthy choices you will give the gift of “Self-Love” to yourself.

Two decades ago, the author was in an unhealthy marriage, in a job she hated and was living paycheck to paycheck as a single mom raising three small children. Through working on her “self”, learning to put herself first and making healthy choices, Michelle is living her dreams! In 2000, she left a 17-year career in the legal field and after a chance meeting with Billy Ray Cyrus who encouraged her to follow her dreams and never ever give up on those dreams! Today, Michelle gets paid to “play”…she runs her six figure online business, 6-Figure Woman, and has the time and money freedom she always dreamed of.

And it all began with self-love…which is why she is so passionate about teaching women that when you have self-love then you will have everything else you desire in your life because you will feel worthy of having those desires!

All of our successes in life – career, health, financial, relationships, and spiritual – come from self-love. Self-Love is where it all begins.

Just like a snowball gets bigger and bigger as it rolls across the snow, so will your happiness and successes grow as you keep making healthier and healthier choices!

This book will make you aware of the healthy choices that lead to a happy, healthy, joyful, fulfilled life!

This book is broken into 5 sections:

Business & Finances

Acts of Health & Well-Being




I promise you that just reading these “self-love” actions that your life will begin to improve, you’ll feel happier, more joyful and you’ll begin to see the truth — that you matter and you can have anything your heart desires when you LOVE yourself!