Insight: Understanding Your Motivational Gifts

Ever feel stuck and confused about why people don’t understand you? What about trying to understand them? How can the body of Christ move forward with unity and whole-hearted passion for what God has called them to be and do?

The motivational gifts as outlined in Romans 12 describe just what believers in Christ are motivated by and how they can proceed in Godly unity. Author Alex Bricker dives into what each gift means and how believers in Jesus can seek the Lord’s direction in their day-to-day interactions. Like a filter for life choices, this book on motivational gifts clarifies 2 key concepts:

(1) How to live with the gifts God gives through His insight.

(2) How to love and serve others with those gifts.

With real-life stories and illustrations of these gifts in action, Alex discusses the nuances of the Motivational Gift Mix and how it can be applied to individuals and ministry teams in order to gain more insight and understanding as led by the Spirit (Galatians 5:25).

This book is a helpful resource for teams, small groups, and individuals in understanding how to interact with others and serve them. It is a practical guide to knowing and operating with your specific Motivational Gifts. It is meant to be paired with the Motivational Gift Mix assessment which can be accessed here: