Invested to be Molested: Why you should fire your Financial Advisor NOW

Is your money set to ‘vaporize’?

Is your Adviser preparing for (even aware of) the next crisis?

Or does he think everything is fixed? How prepared are you? Is the system ready to skin you? According to Mitchell, the answer is a clear yes. And what you don’t know can and will hurt you. It may leave you broke.

Financial Protection enjoyed only by the Elites

Would you pay $4000 or $5000 to guard your lifesavings? That’s what the wealthy pay for specialized reports to secure their wealth in this environment.

Now you can finally protect yourself and your family with new insider information about the financial services industry thievery for under $10. Invested to be Molested is the controversial, blacklisted book you should download instantly. Join the growing community of liberated citizens who’ve broken the chains of Wall Street and live free from anxiety. The confidential information in this book will SHOCK you. you will want to take instant action because you will realize how much your nest egg is in real danger of slow drainage or sudden, catastrophic loss.

Invested to be Molested shows you a whole host of financial industry conflicts of interest and outright threats:

  1. Every brokerage house uses your stock as collateral for speculation.
  2. All houses commit ‘churn’ – taking your money.
  3. All houses have a limited book to buy – and it’s low reward, high risk.
  4. The most prestigious firms sell their clients low-liquid complex bonds, then short them and buy them back at company profit – and YOUR LOSS!
  5. The system is arranged so that you don’t even own your stocks.
  6. The central banks created legislation that allows for a ‘bail-in’ – putting ALL your money at risk of forfeiture.
  7. All banks treat you – legally – as an unsecured creditor. If they go in the red, you could lose it all.
  8. Invested to be Molested covers the secret ground of unethical, predatory, often illegal activity of the money managers in this system. Most of the information in here is unkown to financial advisors, and those that know are contractually forbidden to reveal it because it is the knowledge of how much risk your money is currently in.

    Many strategies exist to ‘hedge’ or limit risk in your investments- but your financial adviser will not, under any circumstances, implement them. He probably does not even know about them, but even if he does, he is not licensed to implement them. The industry is using middle class investors as cannon fodder – and most advisers don’t even know. They may (or may not) have your best interest at heart, but one thing is for sure – they can’t do anything about it.

    If you’re confused about finance, then buy this book before hiring a ‘professional.’

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    It will help you if you want to do online trading and will definitely show you how to avoid the trap of the financial planner.

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