Investing Bible: 3 Manuscripts- Beginner’s Guide to Home Buying & Flipping Houses+ Beginner’s Guide to Wholesaling & Budgeting in Real Estate+ Tips & Tricks to have a Thriving and Evergreen Business

One of the reasons that real estate is generally so reliable is that it offers a unique mix of liquidity, cash flow, profitability, net worth and diversification benefits not seen in other types of investments. Having an understanding of the benefits of real estate investment, and understanding how to best put them to use are very different beasts, however, which is why this book will aim to outline the basic principles at play during real estate investing as well as the various risks involved.

While every once in a while, a whale of a property will come along and allow you to make a major windfall with relatively little effort. Unfortunately, for most real estate investors, this is going to be the exception, not the rule, which means that most of the time success is going to come about incrementally thanks to lots and lots of research and a firm understanding of real estate investment fundamentals. This means that even if you have a real estate agent on the team you are going to want to spend plenty of your own time seeking out non-traditional avenues to find properties, which is often where the occasional whale is going to be found.

This Investing Bible is all about learning Home Buying, Flipping Houses, Wholesaling and Budgeting in Real Estate and also learning the important Tips and Tricks to have a Thriving and Evergreen Real Estate Business for Generations.

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