LLC QuickStart Guide – The Simplified Beginner’s Guide to Limited Liability Companies


Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Simplified

**After Reading LLC QuickStart Guide You’ll Understand All The Benefits of This Business Entity Including Liability, Taxation and Formation **

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) have increased in popularity over the last few decades. Entrepreneurs across the world learn about the numerous liability and tax advantages of LLCs and are quick to start the paperwork to form their own entity and get their business off the ground.

You might be asking yourself, can’t I read a few articles about LLCs and be all set to start my business? What’s important to realize here is that LLCs are a relatively new type of business structure – dating back only 40 years ago in Wyoming. Since then, states have adopted and dealt with LLCs as they see fit. Our goal in this book is to provide the broad strokes of the LLC that are true in every state while also bringing to your attention and directing you to the proper resources for the state by state differences.

If You’re Planning on Forming A New Business – You Need To Understand The Why, When, and How of LLCs.No other book is going to teach you about LLCs in a manner that will teach you exactly what you need to know about LLCs and what your next steps should be in starting your business while leaving out the “fluff” and unnecessary information.

While LLCs are often cited for their numerous advantages and benefits for new business owners, there are potential disadvantages depending on your specific situation. Don’t worry – all of this will be covered in the book as well.

LLC QuickStart Guide Will Make Sure You Understand Exactly What You Need To Know To Ensure You Build A Strong Foundation For Your Business

If you plan on starting your own business, the fact of the matter is You Need To Understand How LLCs Work!

“LLC QuickStart Guide” has been specifically designed with ease of learning in mind to ensure you don’t get stuck, lost or lose hope when trying to understand LLCs. Never again will you need to waste your time searching the internet or watching videos.

In “LLC QuickStart Guide” you will come to understand Limited Liability Companies from the inside out. You’ll become an LLC expert and will fully grasp the benefits and drawbacks for LLCs for all types of business. This knowledge will help you not only in your current business creation, but all other business endeavors your will have in the future.

Who Is This For?

  • People With Zero To Little Knowledge of LLCs!
  • LLC ‘Experts’ Looking to Brush Up On Limited Liability Companies!
  • People Who Want To Create An LLC For Their Business Today!

What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Detemine If An LLC Is Right For Your Business!
  • Exactly How To Properly Form Your LLC!
  • How To Navigate Tax Treatment For Your LLC
  • How To Convert Into An LLC From Another Business Entity

Our Personal Guarantee

We are so confident that methods outlined in this book will help you understand Limited Liability Companies that we’re willing to let you try the book risk-free. If you are not fully satisfied with the product, simply let us know and we will provide a 100% full refund. That’s right, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! What reason do you have to not give this book a try?

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