Lost In Your 20s: Mistakes & Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you also feel lost right now?

What should you focus on in life? Why does the “normal” career path seem so unattractive and boring? How do you create a life you really want?

Society tells us that we should follow the “secure path” and retire with a sweet 401(k). Take a few weeks semester each year and follow a path where most of us hate going to work and use the weekends to numb ourselves before a new workweek begin.

If you are like me, this doesn’t sound appealing at all.

What if you could build a business you want and travel the world at the same time?

What if you could eat at luxury restaurants, visit exclusive nightclubs, be surrounded by inspiring people, and wake up every day with a big smile on your face?

I’ve assembled a group of nine successful entrepreneurs who have experienced challenges in their lives and are now ready to tell us what they have learned.

How did they go about creating a life they truly enjoy? What big mistakes did they make in their ’20s that we can learn from today? How can you use their lessons to skyrocket your life right now?

It’s time to start building the life you want. No more excuses. No more laziness.

Nothing will happen if you just sit there and do nothing. You can’t wait for a better life. You can’t wait for happiness.

Life is precious, and time is the most important thing we have. If you’re in your ’20s, it’s time to seize the moment and build the life you want because life is fleeting. Before you know it, you will be in your ’40s and look back and see that you haven’t accomplished the things you wanted to achieve, and you’ll live with a big regret that will never vanish.

The 9 Entrepreneurs (in order):

Andrew Alexander

Danny Flood

Jonathan Levi

Rob Cubbon

Brandon Epstein

Andrew Ferebee

Vinnie Tortorich

Jesse Krieger

Cliff Graham

If you are really serious about wanting to change your life, the decision is easy. Take care and see you inside the book!

Regards Pontus