Mindfulness: For beginners personal growth – self help & counseling and spiritual healing

The book of new age mindfulness for health and peace will allow you to learn the secrets of living a stress free happy living through self help & counseling Mindfulness practices adds up to every sector of your life including your work life and improves your Management & Leadership skills

Mindfulness and Inner Peace: Mindfulness has been exercised by monks for many years to find peace. Mindfulness meditation is getting popular in the West, these days as alternative medicine and applied psychology to live in the present with stress and anxiety free life. Many famous people and celebrities exercise meditation for higher consciousness, peace and happiness to resolve their mental health problems specially concerning stress management and reducing pain.
Meditation has a vast variety of physical and mental health benefits. It can help you focus and maintain your emotions and well being. You can Learn to sense, feel and affect spiritual/psychic/physical energy. Meditation can transform your life by restoring well being. It can help boost your cheerfulness and it can help you organize your thoughts.
In this mindfulness for beginners guide, you will learn the variety of benefits of mindfulness like, stress free life, happiness, anxiety and depression relief. You will also learn different meditation techniques that can help you get started with your exercises. Now is the time to self help yourself and start your meditation exercise and change your life for good health!

Packed with helpful information about your personal health this short guide will introduce you to mindfulness Meditation.
Benefits of Mindfulness for personal health:
1. Increased Happiness
2. Reduced Stress
3. Better Social Relationships
4. Weight Loss
5. Emotional Intelligence
6. Less Anxiety
7. Reduced Depression
8. Improved Health
9. Increased Focus
10. New Experiences
11. Better health and lifestyle
12. How to live in the present
13. How to make a meditation plan

Declutter your mind! Start enjoying the benefits of Meditation Today! Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking