Money Can`t Lie (The Sleeper Book 1)

Should there be three pieces of crap, this is of the British Intelligence classic

He was not worth a straw to Intelligence; he was a mere sleeper, just a small coin. One day he felt that, behind his back, there was someone else; a big shot of such high value that they could not afford to lose him. Who could that be – a recent defector? He had no idea.
He could only sense a trace of him, barely there; just a nip. They were seeking to ward off the trail, and not just by drawing it aside. Now it appeared to lead straight to him. Every little thing pointed to him.
The trace would be lifeless, classically beautiful, and, as such, stone-dead.

What do the defectors really want? Why do these people betray their country and friends? Why are some of those defectors lucky, while some others are not? Why don’t they ever have any regrets?
What are their true motives? Is it about money? No. Do they do it for fear? No. Do they sometimes wish to build their careers in this alternative way? No. Are they seeking fame? No. Have they been brainwashed? No. Can they be naive idealists? No.
Whatever answers you may think of, all of them would be probably wrong.
Are they betrayers? Yes, they are. Are they doing the right thing? Yes, they are. Do they find in this treachery what they must have been looking for? They sometimes do. How can they live with this? They are perfectly in tune with their own selves.
What are their goals? Now you will have the answer. It is worth knowing. This answer will surely change the way you see the world. This will be the answer from the legend.

Each of the secret services has its own handwriting, faint and hardly perceptible. This handwriting is their custom. It does not change for years, and one can read it through. This handwriting can lead an agent to failure. This is what these books are written about, if anything.

These books also tell of the legend that keeps recruiting people across time and distance; of something that is stronger than life. This legend is an eternal truth, refilled with the living blood of every new recruiter who would choose the way of the legend. These books are about the legendary Kim Philby.

These books contain neither facts of Kim Philby’s life nor any historical events. This is all about the modern-day, and is pure fiction.

I’m giving an answer to the question: Why should the legend of Philby be everlasting? Why is this legend of Philby such a deadly, pulling force? How do the people survive under the wing of his legend?

There is little said about it, yet this is the main point.