Money for Teens: A Guide for Life


This book grew out of teaching a personal finance. Every week, I asked teens what they wanted to learn. After they told me, worked as hard as I could to acquire the best advice available. I interviewed everyone from self-made millionaires to happy couples. I scheduled over 60 guest speakers on every money and relationship topic imaginable. I read, researched, and experimented. And then I asked the teens again, and again.

With over 100 bite-size chapters and exercises, Money for Teens discusses everything we could think of, including: budgeting, investing, starting a business this week, negotiating, college without debt, getting hired, how your relationships and the rest of your life ties into your money, and much more.

* Investing with index funds, which beat 99% of everything else that’s out there (if you’re looking at 15+ year time frame)
* Relationships and money: how to make an “A” in both
* Why almost all debt is bad
* 20 ways you can be like the 37% of college students who graduate without debt
* The best decision-making model
* The F.I. (Financial Independence) and F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) movements
* Get hired
* Get promoted
* Get a career
* Get a personal mission
* Cars
* Credit Cards Debt vs. early investing
* The best way to shop
* Exercises for budget crises
* Jobs vs. Careers. vs. Personal Missions
* Who makes more: givers or takers?
* If you get rich and have kids, how to not raise a brat
* How millionaires raise responsible, not entitled, kids
* Why do happy people make more money than unhappy people?
* Why do honest people usually make more money than dishonest people?
* Pitfalls of life like addictions, and how they destroy your money
* Gratitude’s surprising $ benefits
* How to make the emotional side of money and happiness work for you
* Ways to avoid impulse spending without having to rely on self-discipline
* Time management for scholarships, side hustles, and other big projects
* Time management: three excellent methods

We must control our money or the triple D’s—debt, deprivation, and desperation—will control us. Read, enjoy, and prosper.

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