Money Management Box Set (5 in 1): Warren Buffet Business Strategies, Option and Stock Market Trading Tips, Money Book for Kids and Adults to Spend Less, … Future (Investing & Financial Freedom)

Money Management Box Set (5 in 1)

Book One: I Can Learn From Warren Buffett: Strategies and Advice to Succeed in Business, Investing and Life

Ever wonder what strategies billionaire and businessman Warren Buffett follows that make him such a powerhouse in the financial world?

Warren Buffett, whose personal wealth totals over $44 million is among the world’s top five richest people, and has become a scion of the financial world since he formed his first business partnership in 1956.

Over the next five decades he has become a standard for investors and entrepreneurs; we all wish to find the success he has managed to build for himself and his company.

Since his takeover of Berkshire Hathaway in 1969, Buffett has led the company into success, diversifying its investments and purchasing various strong companies. His business acumen and talent for making money has people the world over wondering how they can emulate that success.

“The Oracle of Omaha,” as he is known, has been making smart and successful financial decisions for one of Forbes’ Fortune 500 companies for decades. While his omnipotence is somewhat fabled the truth is Buffet’s success in business, investing, and life is based on simple principles.

In “I Can Learn From Warren Buffet: Strategies and Advice to Succeed in Business, Investing and Life” those principles are laid for you to begin incorporating into your life. In this book you’ll read about how Buffett goes about incorporating these practices into not only his personal life but his business as well. Filled with quotes from Buffett and examples of how he applied those principles over the last five decades, this book will help you make a plan to incorporate them into your life.

Whether business, investing or just everyday life, Buffet’s approach to all three can have you not only on the road to success but crafting a happy and productive life.

Book Two: Options Trading Guide: 10 Best Trading Strategies to Reduce Risk and Grow Your Money for Beginners

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

• The Basics of Options Trading

• The Importance of Expiration Dates

• How to Exit Gracefully Without Being Taken to the Cleaners

• Why you need to Study the Charts of a Stock You are Following

• What it Means to Have Your Call (or Put) ‘Covered.’

• How to Track Trends

• And Much More

Having an understanding of the Options Marketplace will provide you with a clearer comprehension of the Stock Market, and what all those terms mean… Put Orders, Call Orders, etc.

Book Three: Stock Market Simplified: A Beginner’s Guide to Investing Stocks, Growing Your Money and Securing Your Financial Future

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

o A brief history of Stock Investment

o Casual Investment vs. Career Investment

o Three D’s of determining stock valuation

o The power of exerting an Option

o Great Investor Strategies of the past

o And Much More

Book Four: Money Book for Kids: Encouraging Saving and Money Management for Your Kids

Inside You Will Learn:

• How your money works

• How to organize and keep track of your incomes

• How to teach your children about the importance of money

• How to teach your children to make savings

• How to plan the financial future of your child

• The advantages of a thorough planning system

Book Five: Money Management 101: Simple Ways to Be Stress-Free, Spend Less, Save More Money, and Live Better

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

• What is Money Management in General?

• How to Manage Your Monthly Income

• How to Make Your Money Stay Yours for A Longer Period

• How to Buy Less

• How to Save Up

• And Many More