Money. You Got This: Easy to Implement Money Strategies So You Can Take Control of Your Business Finances and Create Your Dream Life


“Justin Krane brings his crazy funny stories right to you.  Look out.They all have simple money lessons in them.  In Money. You Got This,Krane teaches you how to take control of your money to create the lifeyou want, on your terms.”
– Dorie Clark, CEO of
Clark Strategic Communications, Author of Stand Out and Reinventing You.

“Justin Krane offers a series of mini-homilies aimed at anyone whose financial house is a mess, those who find themselves stuck in a money rut with no way out, and anyone who could use a regular money tune-up. Take small bites and savor each nugget. You’ll come away from the table with concrete steps to improve your financial picture and getyour house in order.”
-Tory Johnson, Small Business Champion and #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

“I’ve owned and helped other people build successful businesses all my life. Justin’s book does a wonderful job of taking complex financial ideas and breaking them down into fun to read and easy to implement strategies that will really work for you!” 
-Rick Cesari, CEO of Cesari Direct and Author of Buy Now

“Being a small business owner almost guarantees that nobody will get you. Justin not only “gets you” but inspires you to push forward and tells you what you need to hear. Most importantly he’s incredibly real. There is nothing more personal than your business and money and if there’s anything Justin has, it’s personality. I think you’ll find that Money. You Got This. will bring out the excited entrepreneur in you – it was exactly what I needed.”
-Andrew Fiebert, Chief Nerd, Listen Money Matters”

When was the last time you cuddled with your money – especially as a small business owner?

It’s time to get some QT in with your financial life and your business numbers.

Out with the financial mumbo jumbo. In with funny stories that will teach you simple money strategies to use for your personal and business money.

Did your Raisinets get stuck? Should guys get spray tans? Is your lettuce soggy? All of these crazy stories have money lessons in them.

The stories are short and cute. They’re easy to read and take action on. Open up and flip to any page to begin feeling more connected to your financial life. It will help you to be more intentional and live a more purposeful life.

Get the shoes. Get your latte. It’s time to live for today, and save for tomorrow. You need to have a balance. Why not be happy throughout your financial life!