Motivational: How to Achieve the Best Life Possible Guaranteed: BONUS INSIDE (Happiness and Meditation)

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Have you achieved the level of success you envisioned for yourself? If not do you know what it takes to get there? Inside this book I take you inside the mind of the world’s top achievers. Learn what it takes it takes to produce excellence. Everyone has dreams but feelings of fulfillment develop when we bridge the gap between dreams and goals. A deserved sense of self accomplishment is a feeling everyone strives to attain. Which brings the question – are you going about it the right way? Most people are shocked to learn to just how close they actually are to getting track towards reaching our potential.

I’ve also found that the biggest barrier amongst most people is a lack of confidence in themselves. Fear and a lack of certainty are our greatest enemies when attacking a worthwhile goal. For some of us the problem isn’t to start on a goal – it’s sticking with it. A common misconception is that it takes 21 days to build a new habit. While this is moderately true it is only referring to soft goals like making sure to make our beds every day or eating dinner at a particular time. Goals that are more along the lines in the “delayed gratification” region takes quite a bit more dedication, but not as much as you would think. Research shows that it takes 66 DAYS to rewire your brain with a new habit. This simply means that whatever you set out to achieve it has the potential of becoming second nature to you in only a matter of a couple months. Do you have a couple of months to dedicate to the rest of your life? If you’re reading this book I sure hope so!

Take a Look at what’s Inside

  • Who Are You?
  • You Have What It Takes
  • A Great Life Awaits You
  • What To Do When Disheartened
  • Aiming Higher And Better Every Time
  • You Will Succeed
  • I mentioned earlier that there was a bonus inside and it’s quite a treat. I’ve included a 5 Day lesson plan that will GUARANTEE you get off on the right foot in your quest for a more fulfilling life. At the end of each lesson I provide you with an exercise designed to keep you engaged with that particular day’s lesson! This truly is The Master Key To Unlocking Your Happy!

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