My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do?: Emotions, Decisions, and Options for Healing (The Pet Bereavement Series Book 1)

Are you suffering from Pet Loss Grief?

Did you just get the news that your dog is going to die?

Is time limited and your pet grief is off the charts?

Are you looking for a guide to help you stay present through the muck of caretaking a terminally ill dog with pet hospice?

This book is for you if you received news that your dog is going to die, time is limited, and you want to do the best you can to support your dog. Coping with the loss of a dog is tough and no one should do it alone!

My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? is your emotional emergency first-aid kit that will support you with pet loss grief and pet hospice decisions. It is your handbook and journal to always keep with you, packed with useful information. My Dog Is Dying: What Do I Do? will support you as a close friend to accompany you on the journey of pet loss grief with unconditional love.

Included are self-help journaling questions to help you with your pet loss grief. At the end of each chapter, you will find three Contemplation Questions, designed to help you proceed even more deeply on your grief journey to become an active participant when coping with your dog’s illness.

People who feel alone with their feelings of grief over the loss of their pets have found support from the suggestions and information in this helpful book.

A TESTIMONIAL from Denise, who’s dog Sadie had cancer…

“The best thing about this book is that it can immediately put your mind at ease, center your soul, and provide tips on how to instantly feel less hopeless, less alone, and less freaked out. I use this book everyday to get through all the crazy feelings and situations that come with losing Sadie to a horrifying disease. Plus, Wendy provides an extra bonus of ways to prepare for the end of your dog’s life. Without this book, I would be a mess.”

When you read and follow the tips in this book, you will feel like you have acquired a new best friend that totally gets rough pet loss grief alone.

The book that you are about to read will help you create a compassionate, respectful, healthy, and loving journey for you and your dog to share during this tough, yet special, time.

Remember, you will never have to feel alone with your pet loss grief again!