My First Small Business Plan for Teens: 10 Steps to Your First Small Business


The ‘My First Small Business Plan for Teens‘ is not so much a book as it is a step-by-step plan to help any teen start their own business. There are 10 steps in this plan. Once a teen completes all 10 steps they will have their very own business!

Written in plain, everyday language, the ‘My First Small Business Plan for Teens‘ contains all the steps needed for a teen to start a business. This plan makes starting a business fun, approachable, and realistic. We will explain how to come up with a good business idea as well as explain how to start the business with little or no money. We’ve also included 50 small business ideas that teens could start.

By starting a business a teen can learn responsibility, personal money management, business basics, selling & people skills…and they can possibly make some money!

Steps 1 through 4 will guide teens to come up with a business idea that both will interest them and is something that someone will be willing to pay for.

Steps 5 and 6 will walk through the economics of the business to ensure that the teen will make a profit on every sale.

Steps 7 through 10 will guide teens in preparing to start their business.

We’ve also included a series of business tips at the end to help teens as they start their business.