One Hour Investor: The Beginner’s Guide to Investing in the Stock Market


A lifetime of financial knowledge for one low price! Perfect for kids, young adults and teens! Does the stock market sound like a foreign language to you? When you see financial experts on television, does their nonstop jargon just fly over your head? Don’t you wish you understood how the stock market works so you could make money, too? Well, your wish has been granted! In One Hour Investor, you will learn the complete basics of investing. Whether you want to learn about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401(k)s and much more, this is the book for you. Written in a very accessible style and aimed at the absolute beginner, One Hour Investor is your handy guide to investing in the stock market and beginning your financial journey. Whether you’re a teen or 20-something who wants to know how to save for your eventual retirement, a senior who wants a steady stream of income, or anybody in between, the answers are within this book. One Hour Investor covers all sorts of financial instruments as well as basic financial concepts. You don’t need to be a math whiz or have an MBA to understand anything in this book. It’s all laid out for you in plain English, and with many examples provided. There’s even a handy glossary at the end if you ever need to refer to it. You can stop worrying about your financial future. One Hour Investor is the quick and easy beginner’s guide to investing. Once you read this highly educational book, you’ll have taken the first steps of your journey to financial success. So what are you waiting for? In just one hour, you could possess enough financial knowledge for a lifetime! CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION BASIC FINANCIAL CONCEPTS BASIC FINANCIAL STATEMENTS STOCKS BONDS MUTUAL FUNDS ETFs (Exchange-traded Funds) FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS VS. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS RETIREMENT AND SAVINGS PLANS INVESTMENT TAXES ORDER TYPES INVESTING STRATEGIES CONCLUSION GLOSSARY FURTHER READING One Hour Investor is featured in a number of Kindle Unlimited categories, including: investing for beginners, investing for teens, investing for dummies, personal finance for beginners, how to make money in stocks, stock market investing, mutual funds, mutual fund investing, ETFs, 401(k)s, bond investing, college savings plans, investing for young adults, retirement planning, financial planning, personal success, investing for retirement, how to become a millionaire, financial literacy, how to make money, money management, portfolio management, how to get rich, how to make money online, and kindle unlimited books.