Online Startups: Start a Business (2 Manuscripts – How to Work from Home Making Money Selling on eBay and Online Courses)

An Amazing 2 in 1 Book Bundle

Start a Business

How to Work from Home Making Money Selling on eBay and Selling Online Courses

Have you ever wanted to drop everything that you are currently doing and gain a residual income while working on your own startup from home, and away from all of the world’s external daily chaos? Have you ever wanted to work the hours that you want to work? Not the hours that an authoritative figure dictates that you work? It is time to figure out the different avenues in life that we can take in order to make a solid income, there are various ways to bring in money, with the advent of the internet, the ways can be endless.

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Included Inside This Book…

•Learn marketing do’s and don’ts

•Learn eBay tips and tricks

•Become a more aware entrepreneur

•How to list your products on various profitable platforms

•Why Selling Physical Things is a Lucrative Business

•How To Turn Ideas Into Products That Will Sell For Massive Profits

•Foolproof Tactics to Sell More Products

•How to Find Reliable Suppliers And Source Great Quality Products

•Brush up on customer service etiquette skills

•Learn a proper work-life balance

•Design Your Course for Learning

•Pulling your Audience in

•Marketing Your Online Course

•Managing Your Time

•Your Business Structure

•Creating a mini-course

•And much, much, more!

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