Outsourced Freelancing Success: 18 Ways to Grow Your Freelancing Business in 30 (OFS Guide Series) (Volume 7)


Congratulations! You’re a successful freelancer, doing what you love and basking in the glory of having time back to yourself … but, you’re feeling a little weary. A few of your long-term clients have started to make noises about not needing your services in the not-too-distant-future and you’re wondering what you should do.

Do you simply look for more clients, in the hopes that you’ll find those that are willing to work with you long-term or do you look at more options?

What are those options? For the past 6-12 months, you’ve likely been working your butt off, in between doing the things you love and working with some pretty cool clients. You’ve not really had time to stop and think about growing your business. Because, lets be honest, you’re business IS successful, why would you need to grow it?

Well guess what, the buck stops with you. If you don’t stop to review your freelancing business, you could find yourself and your business somewhat stunted, rather than growing from strength to strength.

Growing your business… If you want to be successful in your own business, then you need to think long-term. You need some growth hacks that are easy to implement and don’t take up a ton of your time to figure out. Because the bottom line is—if you don’t review your business, it’s not going to grow, in fact, it’s going to crash and burn, quicker than you might expect.

In this book, Lise Cartwright takes you through 18 business growth strategies that you can implement into your freelancing business in the next 30 days, to help you grow and expand (if you want to) your business so that you can continue to enjoy the successes you’ve had to date.

Lise Cartwright has been a full-time freelancer since June 2012 and has built a successful freelancing business around providing freelance writing and consulting services to awesome clients. Over the past 3+ years, she has grown her freelancing business, expanding into other skill bases and hiring a team to help her run her business. She has diversified her income, so that not all her eggs are in one basket.

Access 18 Freelancing Business Tips

Business Hacks to grow YOUR freelancing business

Business Growth Strategies you can implement now

Freelancing Tips that Lise has used in her successful freelancing business

The OFS Guide Series of books are written for the new freelancer by someone who has not only talked the talk, but walked the walk. This 7th (and final) guide in the series will provide you with key business growth strategies to ensure your ongoing success in your business … all for the price of a coffee!

Don’t waste another minute trying to figure out how to grow your business! Take action, implement the growth hacks and strategies found inside the book to continue to run your successful freelancing business. Stay in-the-know and become indispensible to your clients or change tact and revamp your entire business base. The choice is yours…