Outsourced Freelancing Success: How to Protect Your Freelancing Business With C (OFS Guide Series) (Volume 3)


Are you wondering how on earth your client could get away with NOT paying you?

Are you sitting here trying to figure out WHY your client hasn’t paid you on time or returned your email requests?

As a new freelancer, it can be hard to navigate the waters of your freelancing business, particularly when it comes to working with clients and implementing client contracts.

There are plenty of horror stories of freelancers working with client’s on sites like oDesk and Elance, struggling to get paid because of some criteria that wasn’t met. If only they had known about terms that PROTECT them…

Lise Cartwright has been a full-time freelancer since June 2012 and has built a successful business around providing freelance writing services to clients, many from sites like oDesk and Elance. Through her years of experience, including some huge client failures, she shows you how to ensure that your business is always protected through implementing client contracts that actually work!

Never Deal With A Crap Client Again! In this hands-on and step-by-step guide, Lise Cartwright shows how you CAN ensure you get paid, on time, every time—WITHOUT having to compromise on your rates or work with dodgy clients every again.

In This How-To Guide, You’ll Be Given:Step-by-Step Instructions to help you quickly achieve and implement the right contract terms for your freelancing business

Key Takeaways that will provide you with what you absolutely NEED to know from each section to ensure that your business is always protected

Resources and Tools to help make sure you can set your freelancing business up the right way to ensure continuing success

The OFS Guide Series were written especially for you, the new freelancer, to help you navigate the murky waters of client contracts. They are written by someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. This third book in the series will teach and show you how to understand your rights on outsourcing sites, figure out what terms to include in a client contract and how to protect your freelancing business to ensure you NEVER get duped again.

Don’t let fear and overwhelm stop you from working on outsourcing sites or clients directly. Take action, follow the books’ key takeaways, and you could be well on your way to working only with the best clients and getting paid on time every time! Don’t delay, scroll up and click ‘buy now’ today!