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What is Penny stocks ?

Penny Stocks are those which trade at very low price and has a low market
capitalization. While there is no simple definition, penny stocks in India generally
trade at Rs 0.05 to Rs 10 per share. Individuals invest in these penny stocks and
lose money as their share price is highly fluctuating.

Pennystocking—that’s what you’re all here for, right? So what is pennystocking?
Well, pennystocking is the game of trading penny stocks—or, stocks trading under
$5 dollars a share—in pursuit of profits. Forget value investing where you buy
positions in strong companies and hold them for the long-term. Pennystocking is all
about riding the waves of penny stock price moments. The better you learn to surf
these waves, the better your profits will be.

Read this paragraph over and over again. This is very important. This isn’t
investing—this is a game, and you have to look at it like a game.

How do you learn the game? In my experience, the real reason why most traders
lose money – and 90% of all traders will eventually lose money – is that they don’t
consider all the variables. You can’t afford to make that mistake. You have to
understand how Wall Street and all the characters involved work in order to adapt
to change. The individual players and the stocks may change, but Wall Street never

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