Personal Finance: The Pocket Budget Bible: 10 Commandments of Managing Your Money (Guide to Budgeting and Financial Planning to Start Saving and Get a Debt-Free Life)

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“Ten basic principles for a healthy relationship between your money and yourself, explained in a straightforward way. Pick it up.” – Alex

If you’re reading this, then you probably are serious about gaining control over your money. Maybe you’ve tried one approach or another and just found it too difficult to stay on track. Too many financial gurus put you into information overload with hundreds of pages and way too many complex terms and fluff content. Whether that sounds like you or not, you’re in the right place! This pocket guide strips down the non-essential information into a quick and easy approach for those looking for a budget planner for beginners.

Today, the average person has some form of debt whether it’s a mortgage, credit card, student loan or other unwanted weight on their backs. Wouldn’t it feel GREAT to have zero debt and have extra money for things you really want? You bet it would!

Inside you’ll learn 10 key foundations crucial to mastering your money to get you back on track including answers to:

  • How can I save money with the income I currently make?
  • How can I simplify and automate my money management?
  • How can I payoff my debt faster?

This budget planner isn’t a get rich quick scheme or investment strategy guide. It is however, a well-known secret that many people do not follow to get out of debt on any income. You will learn 10 no-nonsense strategies (the 10 Commandments of Managing Your Money) that have helped many people gain control of their cash and start living life with a purpose. So grab a copy…And Get back on track today!

Download your copy of this extremely valuable budget planner, reclaim your financial independence and Get Out of Debt today!