Powerful Me! A Book of Powerful Affirmations for Little Stars (Motivational Kids Books and Picture Books for Kids 3-8) (Volume 6)


Motivational Kids Books and Picture Books for Kids 3-8 Children’s book Powerful Me! is a book of powerful affirmations for little stars. Written to promote positive self talk to kids, Powerful Me! focuses on the power that’s within us. With enough belief in one’s self, and the light that exists among us, one can accomplish anything they put their mind to. It teaches kids to be positive and to value the love and support of family and friends in their quest to be the best they can be. Powerful Me! is part of the bedtime stories collection, bedtime stories ages 3-5 and rhyming books for children series. Also included in the Winning and success skills children’s books collection, it is among the children’s picture books that teach values to kids. Don’t forget to check the end for your Bonus Gift to see how you can download a free ebook, you and your family will enjoy! *** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE! *** From The Author I have always been motivated to find ways to uplift and empower myself to achieve my fullest potential and be the best that I can be. Now that I have kids, I want them to grow up knowing that they can always choose to live a happy, healthy life, full of love and abundance. All my children’s books are written to start instilling these values to them and empower them to live a positive life. Your kids can truly benefit from becoming more positive in their thoughts and choice of words. Start them early with these books from my Motivational Kids Books and Picture Books for Kids 3-8 Series. Also part of the following children’s books collection: children’s books ages 4 8 fiction, children’s books ages 4-8, childrens books by age 5-8, picture books for children ages 4-6.