Principles of Federal Construction Contracting


“Principles of Federal Construction Contracting,” is a thorough, practical introduction to the federal market for small construction firms seeking to understand how to do business with the federal government. As Stan’s book demonstrates, it is not enough to be excellent in your construction services to succeed with the government client, one has to understand the structure of a federal construction contract in order to minimize bid risk and enhance one’s ability to satisfy the customer. In this book Stan has presented an excellent systematic analysis of the most common terms and conditions presented in federal construction solicitations, explained in Stan’s no-nonsense language from one construction professional to another. If you are thinking about or starting to pursue federal construction business, Stan Uhlig’s “Principles Of Federal Construction Contracting” is a must read.” Director, Contracts & Procurement, Nobis-Engineering Inc “Principles of Federal Construction Contracting helped us diversify the business. We have been able to thrive at a time when others are struggling just to stay in business.” Owner Silverdale, WA “Principles of Federal Construction Contracting has become a great resource for us. Whenever we have a question about a project we are bidding, I know where to find the answer.” Greg Tozer Operations Manager “It is really hard to find people that truly understand construction and even harder to find people that understand Federal work–Stan is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend Principles of Federal Construction Contracting if you would like to grow your business and be profitable.” Owner What This Book Will Do for You Principles of Federal Construction Contracting is designed to be your complete reference for the rules, regulations, procedures, and processes of doing business with the federal government in construction contracting. The manual has been designed around U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operating methods and their rules, processes, and procedures. While other federal government agencies operate under the same laws and regulations, they may have slightly different processes and requirements. This manual will help all levels of construction firms, architectural engineering firms, subcontractors, and vendors who want to do business with the federal government as well as help firms that are already in the field become more effective and thus more profitable. It will empower firms with the knowledge of the federal processes, rules, regulations, and procedures needed to be successful in federal construction contracting. Principles of Federal Construction Contracting is your complete guide to: •Finding federal construction projects to bid on •Understanding federal government solicitations and contracts •Understanding what constitutes a winning proposal •Building a strategy for your firm that meets your goals and enhances your business plan •Understanding federal government rules, regulations, and procedures for producing project design for both design-bid-build and design-build contracts •Preparing quality control and safety programs that comply with federal regulations and processes •Comprehending the meaning of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and knowing when to use them and how to use them for your benefit and protection •Determining when a change order (modification) is required and how to price and properly process it •Identifying the claim and how to process it •Each of the sections is designed to provide you with: •An in-depth guide to how the process works •A complete understanding of how to use the process, regulation, or procedure for your benefit and protection •Checklists, where appropriate, that help you decipher requirements •Recommendations and tips to help you through the process and protect you from potential claim situations •Copies of federal government forms •Knowledge so that the federal government must deal with you as an equal