Project Procurement Management: Contracting, Subcontracting, Teaming


Here’s what five project management instructors at the University of California-Irvine have said about Project Procurement Management:
Quentin’s book provides invaluable guidance for project managers seeking to ensure that vendors/sellers will perform as required. To establish proven processes and achieve high quality project outcomes, read this authoritative book.–
JAN BIRKELBACH, PMP Management consultant & trainer
Thanks to Quentin Fleming this book provides a comprehensive treatment of all aspects of procuring goods and services for projects. I recommend all project managers and their sponsors make this book a readily accessible desk reference.–
DAVE JACOB, Principal, Doren Associates
This book provides a thorough discussion of procurement concepts that every project manager should know. The very readable style helps clarify the procurement process and its application to everyday projects.–
JANICE PRESTON, PMP, Principal, Pacifica Companies
Fleming’s latest book affords us an opportunity to view the procurement process from the perspective of an expert in the field. He reveals simple truths about an otherwise complex subject in a straight-for¬ward, no-nonsense style that is rich with practical suggestions and insightful commentary.–
FRED SAM ELIAN, PMP Senior Vice President, Hill International
This book unveils the mystery of contracts and procurement. It is concise and easy to understand. A good reference book for the procurement process, as well as a trouble shooting guide for contracting.
CYNDI SNYDER, PMP Principal, —-QUENTIN FLEMING is an author and a management consultant. He developed two new courses in the project management series for the University of California at Irvine: project procurement management and earned value project management.