Roulette System Strategy: To Beat the Casino and Walk Out a Winner Every Time

I wrote this book to inspire people to play roulette and adopt a tried and proven working strategy. I want to demonstrate to every roulette fan out there how to take charge of their gambling and make some serious money from the game.

There are numerous blogs and eBooks out there that preach how to reduce the house edge on roulette and make thousands in hours or weeks but they are pretentious or dull as hell – and most gamblers cannot afford the hype.

I live in the real world. In my first book, I am expounding more on a strategy that is known to most of you, The Martingale System. I am also going to arm you with useful information you need to know before you can begin playing roulette.

Roulette System Strategy is an invite to all the gamblers and interested players to do better to up their gambling skills. No more losing at casinos. No more wheel tracking. No more ball steering. Gambling is about to get real!

“This simple strategy simply works! I use it every time I visit the casino.”

Helmut Klein – Professor of Statistics, University of Potsdam

“I got to Vegas on Friday for a bachelor party and started with $200. I walked out of there with over $6000 on Sunday using this system.”

James McMillan – Dentist and recreational gambler