Self Discipline: How To build Incredible Self Discipline and Maximize Your Chances of Success (FREE BONUS INCLUDED) (Get Control, Self Confidence, Strenghten Willpower, Achieve Success)

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LEARN:: How To Build Incredible Self Discipline and Maximize Your Chances of Success

So many of us feel that we don’t have enough discipline to succeed in life. We may look at successful people and think “that will never be me”. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be disciplined. You can be successful.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to maximize will power and self-discipline. You will learn the true nature of willpower and how it relates to discipline. Once armed with this knowledge, you will be equipped to start ramping up your efforts and make inroads to success in life. You will learn the difference between strategy and planning, which is foundational to achieving long term goals. But that’s not all. You will learn some of the best kept secrets of the highly successful: a series of discipline and productivity hacks that will elevate your success and achievement in life.

In This Book You’ll Learn…

  • Productivity and Discipline Hacks
  • How to Gain the Upper Hand
  • Why You Should Not Multi-task
  • How To Maximize Your Chances for Success
  • Much, much

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