Self-full To Happiness : Become The Best Version Of Yourself (Self-Sufficiency Book 10)

This book was written for you who wants to have more time for yourself. For you that wants to do less and enjoy more. For you that are tired of pleasing others, but has forgotten to make yourself happy. For you that are tired of being tired, and want to start from zero. For you that want to live an extraordinary life, and nothing less than that.
It doesn’t matter if you are fourty, fifty, sixty, seventy or more years young, you can start living your life today and start enjoying each moment to the fullest. Stop focusing on everything else. From today you are becoming selfishly self-full. You are going to become self-centred most of the time, and be focused on the thoughts that goes through your mind in order to redirect them to what you want to think. And the thoughts that you are going to think “intentionally,” will be only thoughts that will lift you up, thoughts that will allow you to feel good. Now you will find time to think and dream with no limitations. A good life is there for you to get hold of it.
This book will help you to prioritise yourself, to prioritise what is important for your well-being. It will teach you to love yourself, to bring you to focus on who you really are. You will discover yourself, you will understand your feelings, your emotions, why you act and react in certain ways. You will learn to be kind to yourself when you fail instead of being self-critical. You will change your mind-set completely and be renewed to step to self-fulfilment. You don’t want to reach a time in life and ask what did you do for yourself? What did you do with your life? And think that all you did was for others, and all you remember was that you never felt happy.
It is okay to help, it is okay to care and share your love with others. But, it is not okay for you to forget about yourself. It is not okay to put yourself last. It is not okay for you to have no time to relax, to enjoy, to dream, to plan, or to just do nothing. If you don’t take time to fill “your cup”, it will always be empty, you will always feel miserable. Understand that the better you treat yourself, the better you will treat others. Feel good first to make others feel good too.
A series of books will eventually be available to keep you on track to self-care.