Self-Help Box Set: Techniques & Strategies For Greater Mind Power, Better Memory and Higher Concentration (focus, Mindset, success mindset)

BOOK #1: Brain Training: 45 Advanced Techniques & Strategies For Greater Mind Power, Better Memory and Higher Concentration

The human brain is a complex thing, but most people never use theirs at full power. How would you like to learn how to do just that?

Do you have trouble concentrating?

Are you always forgetting where you left your keys, or what time you were meant to pick the kids up?

With the brain training exercises detailed in this book, you can learn how to improve the power of your mind. It is easy to learn, once you know the special techniques. Anyone can make sense of this book, and start improving their mind today.

BOOK #2: Brain Plasticity: Enhance Brain Strength and Plasticity by Mastering the Art of Neuroplasticity

Also known as “brain plasticity”, this exciting new field of research is taking hold in the world of neuroscience.

Throughout history, people have believed that the human brain simply grows to a point, and then starts to decline into old age.

What if you did not have to lose your memory as you aged?

How about if you could maintain your mental sharpness, and even continue to improve it throughout your entire life?

Do you ever wonder just why children are so good at learning new things, like second languages? Adults can take back that power too, through the special process of neuroplasticity.

BOOK #3: How To Analyse People: 10 Exercises To Perform Personality Analysis and 5 Essential Rules to Understand People and Their Behaviour

Did you know the structure of a man’s body could tell you how he thinks and feels?

While it may sound strange, there is a lot that can be learned from reading people.

Once you learn these techniques, you will never look at anyone quite the same! This principle is based on the idea that every single thought you think has some kind of muscular contraction to go along with it.

BOOK #4: Mindset: The Millionaire’s Mindset – 12 Tips on How To Think Like a Winner and Reach Success In Every Aspect of Your Life

Success means different things to different people. We can find success in many different areas of our lives. Success may mean different things to us at different times of our lives. It’s important to remember that success is not achieved over night and it is something that we must work for in different ways in order to reach our goals and find ultimate success in life.

BOOK #5: Numerology: 25 Tips on How To Reach Unlimited Success In Career, Relationships, and Life. Discover the Secrets for Marriage and Career Development

Numerology is one of the most logical ways in which you can live your life and pursue your goals. This e-book explains the theory behind Numerology and how the numeric system works.

BOOK #6: Mindset:The Key to Executive Success. Learn How You Can Fulfill Your Potential!

Success means something different to many people. That being said, there are a few areas of success that tend to be very similar for most of us. If you truly want to find success in your life, whether it be in your career or in your life overall, there are a few things that you can focus on in order for you to start feeling successful in your life.

BOOK #7: Focus: Learn How to Use Focus to Improve Your Concentration and Create Your Dream Life

Do you know how much focus and concentration affect your life, both everyday and in the long term? You will after you read this e-book, and you’ll know how to go from an unfocused and mind-wandering person to someone who can competently attack each task before you, so that you can realize your dream life.

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