So, You Want to Own a Graphic and Web Design Studio? What I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started Freelancing

When I first started my freelancing career I was blind and confused about many things. I knew how to design an awesome logo and set up a responsive website, but I was completely lost on the business side of my business. I didn’t know how to interact with clients, how to price my services or how to market myself. Over the years I developed systems and processes that make it a breeze. Now I know exactly what to say to find a potential client’s budget, how involved with a project they will be, and when to just walk away from bad projects.

I wrote this book for any creative professional who wishes to strike it out on their own. Whether you are tired of waking up early, working with irate co-workers, are unhappy working on projects that don’t interest you or you simply want to try entrepreneurship, then this book is for you.

I assume you know your trade quite well and can whip up an amazing logo, brochure, annual report or e-commerce website without any assistance. I won’t be discussing how to become a designer or developer, how to use software, or how to write programming code. You should already have those skills in place.

Inside you will discover all the stuff they don’t teach you at art and design school, such as how to work with clients, how to price your services and what to include in your contracts and forms so you don’t get burned.

I reveal all the tricks I’ve learned to attracting great clients and the “red flags” to look for that may indicate you should turn down a project. I explain the workflow process I use, from initial client contact to the completion follow up, along with tips on how to demand higher prices.

Included are sample templates for the exact forms and contracts I use, along with some superb advice from other creative professionals who have already walked a mile in your shoes.