Social Value Investing: A Management Framework for Effective Partnerships


Our world’s challenges are too great and too complex for any one organization or government to address on its own. But solutions to these challenges do exist–and will be found through new partnerships bringing together the public, private, and philanthropic sectors. These partnerships must deliver major public programs and projects that more effectively serve society through innovative, inclusive, and long-lasting solutions. In Social Value Investing, Howard W. Buffett and William B. Eimicke present a new management framework for developing and measuring the success of such partnerships and provide tools to help maximize collaborative efficiency and positive social impact.

Social Value Investing offers practical insights for any private sector CEO, public sector administrator, or nonprofit or foundation manager hoping to build successful cross-sector partnerships. It also provides a five-point framework inspired by value investing–one of history’s most successful investment paradigms–applicable to a wide range of programs and activities. The book tells the compelling stories of cross-sector partnerships from around the world, including ones that transformed Central Park and created the High Line in New York City, fostered community-led economic development in Afghanistan, and improved public services in cities across Brazil. Drawing on lessons and observations developed from a broad selection of collaborations, Buffett and Eimicke create a blueprint for effective, sustainable partnerships to serve the public interest. Social Value Investing also gives readers access to original, academic case studies as well as professionally produced video documentaries for every major partnership profiled–bringing to life the people and stories in a way that few other business or management books have done.