Speed Reading For Entrepreneurs: Seven Speed Reading Tactics To Read Faster, Improve Memory And Increase Profits (Speed Reading Techniques, Read Faster, Speed Reading For Professionals)

Learn To Process Information Faster Than You Can Speak And Hear

Speed reading is a communication skill that can shave hours of work off of almost anything you do in life. This “niche” skill has been around for hundreds of years but in recent years it has resurfaced as a relevant life hack skill. Whatever your reason for learning to speed read, whether you are reading books, newspapers, reports, memos, letters or emails, Speed Reading is a skill that will give you a tremendous edge. Instead of staying later at the office to read through another manual or report, save your time by reading faster and get out of the office. Use your spare time to read more books – in less time.

Why Speed Read?

Not only can speed reading save you hours of time during work, but also it can increase comprehension. Learning to speed read is learning to visualize information with a new perspective. By analyzing and envisioning words more efficiently one is able to grasp the meaning and consequently, read faster. As a final benefit this method of interpreting words actually helps to improve memory retention from reading.

These speed reading tactics will help entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians and professionals save time churning through the never-ending, yet essential reports, documents and emails essential to their business bottom line.

You Will Learn The 7 Tactics To Speed Read Faster

Tip 1: Choosing Material Selectively

Tip 2: Main Ideas and Summaries

Tip 3: The 80/20 Rule

Tip 4: Increasing Reading Speed

Tip 5: Speed Drills and Why You Should Do Them

Tip 6: Maximizing Retention

Tip 7: Taking Notes: How, When, and Why

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