Start Grow Sell: A Primer for Starting, Growing and Selling Your Government Contracting Business


What You Can Expect: If you are reading this book, we assume you have already decided to start a government contracting business or have already started one, and you really want someone to tell you what to do next in simple terms and without a lot of fluff. This book is a primer – a general how-to book. We focus on the essentials and explain the steps you need to take, why you need to take those steps, and the order in which you should take them. We take you step-by-step as we address each of these topics: How to Start a Business, the additional startup steps you need to take that are unique to doing business as a Government Contractor, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Government Contracts, Request for Proposal (RFPs) and the Proposal Process, GSA Schedules, Writing White Papers, Networking Fundamentals, Taxes, Hiring Employees, Time and Labor Charging and Security Specialists. Where applicable, we cite resource references and websites that provide more detail for people who want to dig deeper. Why We Wrote This Book: We started, own and co-own several businesses. Some are government contracting businesses, and we wish this book had existed when we started our first one. Such a book, with topics and sections specifically for government contractors, would have saved us a lot of time, energy and money. After talking to many new business owners, we recognized that they, too, wished for a book written by serial business starters, who could offer step-by-step procedures to follow and would share their lessons learned. We Love What We Do! We love the business world, but mostly, we love helping others start their own business, achieve their business and life goals, and eventually, write their own success stories. We hope that as you follow the steps in this book, you will be on the way to achieving your goals in business and life, too.