Start-Up and Scale: How to Start, Scale and Exit Your Startup in Australia


Start-Up and Scale guides you through the startup process in Australia. Written by technology and startup lawyer, Ben Waldeck who has a real-world background in tech and startups. While Ben’s tech perspective provides insights into the digital setup of your startup, his business and legal expertise will allow you to fast-track your way to success by avoiding the common pitfalls Ben has seen cost entrepreneurs their time, money, relationships – and even their sanity!You will gain confidence and clarity as Ben guides you through his 6 Stage Startup system – step by step. Being armed with this information can put you at a distinct advantage. Gain a clear direction and understanding about what it takes to be a successful startup founder in Australia and what it takes to scale your startup internationally. Gaining this clarity will be a breath of fresh air, as you gain confidence in the fast-paced world of startups. While Ben Waldeck discusses tech, legal and business requirements startup founders, employees, investors must be aware of, world-class startup expert contributors share their secrets of success with you:- Global entrepreneur, investor and astronaut, Nik Halik provides excellent guidance on his success secrets- Serial startup CEO heavyweight, Gregory Duffell also shares his incredible advice with you- Incredible insights from Sam Riley, CEO of and one of the leading tech startup CEOs in Australia- Alastair Loxton and Sara O’Shea, co-founders of Government Grants expert, Ben Cusack of Bulletpoint Consulting shares his wisdom- David Petrie, CEO of Athletes GelStart-Up and Scale covers a lot of ground in a surprisingly easy to follow format. The structured content delivered in the 6 Stage Startup system makes the book’s content quick and easy to digest. Read Start-Up and Scale from font to back, use it as a reference book or as a checklist. Start-Up and Scale is suited to new entrepreneurs who want to start-up. It is also perfect for entrepreneurs who have already begun their startup journey, and want to circle back to ensure they have ‘checked-off’ on everything. As you read this book, you will gain confidence as you understand the requirements, risks and opportunities – as you Start-Up and Scale.If you have ever wanted to learn the strategy you need to make in the exciting world of startups and you want to stack the odds of success in your favour, then Start-Up and Scale might be the book you have been looking for.