Startup Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Development and Implementation

“Startup Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Development and Implementation” is a compilation of the world’s most effective techniques and resources to help you develop and implement startup ideas. This book is based on exhaustive research of hundreds of relevant sources on the web which includes websites, books, articles, videos and more. The depth and scope of this guide is unsurpassed by any other in existence.

What You Get

– Over 30 of the best and time-tested techniques to help you get more startup ideas than you ever thought possible

– Innovative and internationally renowned frameworks that will enable you to create superior products

– 50+ open-ended, self-analysis questions designed to spark new profitable ideas

– Links to 250+ resources and tools that will help you identify opportunities that were previously impossible for you to find and make starting a business cheaper and faster

– Resources and techniques to help you leverage your strengths, passions, and hobbies to create new opportunities.

– Helpful diagrams and illustrations to crystallize important concepts

– Dozens of industries and markets ripe for penetration


1. Find and Solve your Own Problems

2. The Second Mover Advantage: Differentiate and Improve

3. Play to your Strengths

4. Monetize your Passions, Interests, & Hobbies

5. Capitalize Early on Emerging and Future Trends

6. Research and Solve Customers’ Problems

7. Create Complementary Products & Accessories

8. Disruptive Innovation: Offer Lower-Priced Versions of Expensive Products

9. Find Hidden Markets with Key Phrase Analysis Tools

10. Find your Entrepreneurial Sweet Spot