Startup: Startup Guide: 10 Proven Steps to Creating Your Successful Business Startup (Entrepreneurs Guide, Successful Startup, Business Plan)

STARTUP GUIDE: 10 Proven Steps to Creating Your Successful Business Startup

Do you want to set up your own business but not sure from where to start?
Do you need a roadmap to a successful business startup?

Only hard work and passion are no longer enough for a strong business startup. The entrepreneur needs to have a concrete step by step plan to achieve a successful startup.

This startup guide is essential for a new entrepreneur. Most of the entrepreneur books focus on the business strategy.

The STARTUP GUIDE: 10 Proven Steps to Creating Your Successful

Business Startup gives you the step by step walkthrough to a successful startup of your career as an entrepreneur.

The book will show you how do you organize your thoughts, set your goals and achieve them successfully, making a good sell, techniques to make great strategies to keep achieving success and many more tips & hints for your new venture.

In this invaluable book you’ll learn about:

  • How to choose your products.
  • How to create a foolproof plan for your business.
  • How to set realistic goals.
  • How to gather resources.
  • How to make your business legal.
  • The fundraising techniques.
  • How to make an effective and efficient marketing strategy.
  • How to sell.
  • How to make yourself unique in the market.
  • How to set future goals
  • And much more…

Over 70 percent of the startups stand on the creaky foundation. So, over 70 percent of the startup money is being wasted to clean up the legal mess. This book will give you the specific actions to take the right step from the very beginning.

Here are a couple of reviews for another book Small Business: 10 Proven Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur and Creating a Successful Small Business written by the author:

“I personally think that this book is great, I always wanted to start my own familiar business but I found it quite difficult, all the planning, marketing, advertising and a million things more that you have to do so you can finally start your own business, but reading this book made it so easy to understand.”

“Starting a business was not an easy decision to me but after I did my first step, wanted to be sure I was going for the right way, with this book I was able to establish a plan and several goals and start properly to work for them.”

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